Minggu, 04 Desember 2011

Science Phobia

All About Science Phobia

Science Phobia is one of d' best community that was forming at d' a corner of a class at SmanThree BoekitTinggi.. From this isolated corner class, born this community that use


for a motto..
Science Phobia contained from so many type of person.. start from a very very intelligent person,, an unique one,, a religious one,,
a village person,, till a strange one.. :)
even so like that, all of the different type make Science Phobia be a best 'gokil' and 'Langang' group in this word (he..he..) ;)

Science Phobia has an in itself meaning from me...
They can give a happiness in my sadness..
They can accept me as what am I ..
They can accept my lacking as my excess ..
They can give a nice stories in my life story..
'n they can give a best moment in a way of my life ..

Hope Science Phobia can be forever till the end..
keep 'LANGANG'4ever .. :)

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